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This cupcake shop just opened its first branch on Hong Kong Island. It is famous for its array of pretty homemade cupcakes that have a low sugar content and no artificial coloring or flavorings.

From experience, we know most of these pretty cupcakes don’t usually taste as good as they look.

Natural Chiffon advertises that their cupcakes are made with rich PRESIDENT butter from France and the cream toppings are made with up to 50% French puree. This lured us to have a go at them. Plus, we were curious to find out if they were truly special and different from the run-of-the-mill pretty cupcakes.

The shop was almost empty when we visited on a Friday afternoon, except for two furious customers who were asking to speak to the manager because their pre-order was held up. Apparently, they made a pre-order at the Mong Kok branch and scheduled to pick it up at the Wan Chai branch on that day, but the staff did not accept their receipt. We didn’t ask so we weren’t sure what happened. But, they were still arguing when we left with our two lovely cupcakes in a paper box.

The shop produces cupcakes with various looks and flavors, such as chocolate, honey, chocolate & honey, coffee, mango, berry, rose & berry, sesame, chestnut, pistachio, orange, etc. We took home Honey & Chocolate and Rose & Berry under the advice of the sales girl.

The sales girl reminded us that Chocolate and Honey was slightly sweeter than other options. We agreed that the cake could do with less white cream which made it too sweet. Having said that, we were both happy and surprised at the same time because the chocolate topping tasted like real chocolate rather than just chocolate cream. A Big Thumbs Up! The chocolate cake tasted rich as well but it could be just a little bit smoother.

The Rose & Berry was a lighter option. We liked the subtle flavor of rose in the cream, but we couldn’t taste much berry, although we could spot a drop of unmixed berry puree on the cream which suggested that the Chef did use puree to make the cream. The cream was very smooth and the cake was quite buttery. Again, we just wished that the cake could have been smoother.

In general, we were satisfied with the cupcakes. We will probably taste them again during tea time, with a cup of coffee from Pacific Coffee Place which is in the same building. However, we still hold onto our belief that pretty cakes do look better than they taste.

The cupcakes could be a pleasant surprise for your friends on their birthdays or other special occasions. Pre-order is accepted, but I hope you don’t run into the same trouble that the two furious customers did.

Hours: Mon-Sun 12:30pm-9:30pm

By Carmen Bat

Shop UG28, CC Wu Building, 302-308 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
+852 5114 0566
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