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Since 1994, Carnegies has been one of the most popular hangouts in Wanchai. This American style pub is exactly the kind of place you would hang out in if you were in a fraternity or sorority at Uni. Carnegies has cozy unpretentious atmosphere with framed photos, music posters and rock and roll memorabilia covering the walls.

In the daytime you can get comfort food and bar snacks and at night, prepare for a righteous party complete with drink specials and dancing on the bar. In fact dancing on the bar there became so popular the owners finally had to install some brass railings to prevent drunk dancers from falling onto the bartenders or the crowd. The music is nothing ‘hard to understand’. It’s usually classic rock or popular tunes that everyone knows.

There’s free on Tuesdays from 10pm-11pm and ladies night on Wednesday from 9pm. Carnegie's also has special promotions every night ranging from All-Night Happy Hour on Sundays, to free Champagne for the ladies on Wednesday nights, to HK$10 (US$1.30) vodkas on Tuesday night. The promotions change from time to time but after 9pm, you can get a price break on something. Happy Hour is every night from 5-9 and there are complimentary bar snacks from 7-9pm.

Carnegies pulls in a varied crowd depending on the drink specials and the special events but generally speaking Carnegies is packed with students, travelers, American bankers and generally a younger crowd than the rest of Wanchai.

G/F, 53-55 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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